NBA Dancers help sell tickets, promote the brand

celtics_dancer.pngNBA dancers are “more than eye candy, these entertainers help sell tickets, extend the brand” according to David Sweet of MSNBC SportsBiz.

“In other major sports, dancers per se don’t exist, but cheerleaders are often an important part of franchises. Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have been featured on “The Colbert Report,” while the smarts of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were tested on the show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” Though baseball games are not known for their rah-rah attitude, the Dodgers-Padres spring training event in China in March featured a group of cheerleaders. Perhaps more surprising, the Washington Redskins’ cheerleaders performed at cricket matches in India this year.”

NBA dancers are important to sell tickets and season ticketholder retention:

“The Luvabulls are an extremely important part of our game presentation, which goes a long way in season-ticketholder retention,” said Chicago Bulls Director of Game Operations Jeff Wohlschlaege”

Most NBA teams are producing swimsuit calendars. Five teams in 2007-08 season issued calendars. Sales of these calendars have soared and they are usually one of the top selling items in the team shop. Dancers are usually out before the games signing autographs and taking photos with fans to help sell and promote their calendars.


In New Jersey, Net’s season-ticketholders can have lunch with dancers as part of their package.

“Taking the appeal of dancers to a different level, the franchise also boasts the NETSational Seniors – more than a dozen dancers mostly in their 60s who performed at a handful of games this season (they have yet to unveil a swimsuit calendar). Across the league, there’s the Pacemates in Indiana, the Automotion in Detroit and, of course, the granddaddy of them all, the Laker Girls, which launched showbiz careers for the likes of Paula Abdul.”

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